4 Best Places to Take Your Kids this Winters

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Summary: This winter escape to some of the best holiday detonations of India. We give you the Best Places to Take your kid This Winter — from desert safari to coral reefs!

What do you do when the winters roll in, cities get smoggy, kids stay at home on winter vacations and it is just plain depressing outside? You escape on a holiday! A holiday is the perfect panacea for bored kids, jaded adults and the tedium of urban life.

The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank for your winter getaway. We give you the best places to take your kid this winter in India:

Rajasthan: The land of sand-dunes, colors and a grand royal heritage, Rajasthan is always an attractive Tourist Destination. The desert state should ideally be visited during the winters when temperatures are low in the mornings. Show your kids Rajasthan’s many forts and palaces and for a unique experience, take them to Jaisalmer for camel ride!


Kerala: What better way to drive away the winter chills than a visit to God’s own country. The lush, serene beauty of Kerala attracts people from across the world. For kids, a visit to Kerala’s many stunning beaches is a must. For a shorter stay, book a houseboat and watch your kids enjoy the simple pleasures of life!


Andaman & Nicobar: The relatively less traveled Andmans are the real gem when it comes to winter holiday destinations. Less crowded than the usual haunts, the Andamans are nevertheless breathtaking in beauty. Take your kids on a glass-bottomed boat and show them the stunning coral reefs. It’s a place that none of you will forget anytime soon!

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Goa: How can a list of winter destinations end without Goa? Sun, beach and a vibe that says holidays, this is the place where we all go for rest and relaxation. But the best time to visit is during the Christmas-New year break when the carnival and festival season grips Goa.

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So, these is our list of the best places to take your kid this winter. For more details, check http://www.makeyoutravel.com/long-weekends