Top 3 places to Visit in Malaysia with Family

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Last updated on January 25th, 2017 at 09:10 am

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Summary: Malaysia has the perfect mix of modern and traditional — modern cities, tropical islands, spicy food and an interesting mixing of cultures. We pick our top three Malaysian cities

Malaysia with its easy going people, spicy food and abundant natural beauty is the perfect place for a family holiday. It offers a number of destinations, each better than the last! There is plenty to do, see and eat in this modern, yet traditional country. This moderately wealthy country has a fairly well-developed infrastructure in place and is cheaper than other top Asian destinations like Singapore.

Here is our top 3 cities you must keep in your Malaysia Tours visit:

Kuala Lumpur: The capital city is a modern, happening and bustling metropolis. It has a number of interesting buildings like the Petronas Twin Towers, the British colonial buildings in the city center and the KL Tower.


Kuala Lumpur is also the perfect getaway for a number of near by destinations. If you have kids in your party, visit the Gentling Highlands for its theme parks and casino. The elephant conservation center at Kuala Gandah and the rather ostentatious new Capital Putrajaya are also worth a visit.

Malacca: With its mix of Dutch, British and Portuguese influences, Malacca Tours is as interesting as it is beautiful. The mix is reflected in the old city center which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Malacca also has a unique culture that is a mix of local and Chinese. In Malacca take a ride in one of its glitzy rickshaw, relax at a beach and be sure to visit a weekend night market.

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Langkawi: Finally, make your way to the stunning tropical paradise of Langkawi. This archipelago of 99 islands is a tourist town, which still  holds its own unique local identity. You can spend your time at the main island of Pulau Langkawi  Travel with its spas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Or go a little offshore and explore the smaller islands. Full of lush natural beauty and small villages, it is the perfect topical getaway.