Kolli Hills A Perfect Gateway For Your Honeymoon

Kolli Hills

Last updated on June 19th, 2018 at 02:44 pm

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Kolli Hills : A perfect gateway for an ideal honeymoon – up in the hills, peace and tranquility, surrounded by dark green trees where music comes from the swaying trees kissed by the cool air and sounds of birds adding romance to an enhanced romantic scenario! Nestled upon the hills with an abundance of flora and fauna, and tucked near the border of Karnataka and Tamil, is one such place – Kolli Mallai or Kolli Hills.

Kolli Hills is located in the central Tamil Nadu and part of the Eastern Ghats. Attracting nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, trekking clubs and meditation practitioners, this place is still untouched with too much commercialization and hence less polluted and populated. With its rich and diverse terrain and evergreen forests, the best and only way to reach this place is driving down.

Literally translated as ‘Mountains of Death’, a ghat road with seventy hair pin bends takes you to the hills, and helps unleashing the adventure junkie in you as you traverse the whirling road. The roads are good but it is advisable to carry water and some food, as you won’t find many shops as you go up.

Kolli hills mainly get its tourists from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh or Kerala. It is perfect place to relax and pass your time, doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company. There are number of hotels and resorts that you can choose to stay. If you want to explore, you can trek and even visit Akasa Gangai, an enchanting 300 feet waterfall of river Aiyaru, located near Arapaleeshwarar temple. The thousands of steps lead down to the falls will not only test your lungs capacity but will also award you with enchanting views as you walk down to reach.

The weather is usually cool, and as you climb higher up – you can feel the chill. For evenings, you would need a jacket or light woollens to keep you warm. Most of the hotels and resorts arrange for games, entertainment, bonfires and food as per your choice and request.

So while in Kolli Mallai, enjoy, relax, eat, stroll down the hilly roads or just do nothing and in the nighttime as you enjoy the bon fires and delicious food – listen to the stories of the maiden of the forest!

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