Treat Yourself to the Best Greece Tour Packages from Utazzo

The home to the most amazing Gods known to mankind, the magical land of ancient eras, without surprises remains its roots here in Greece. With a harmony of mankind’s present, past & future and nature, Greece invites each traveler with something which cannot be discovered in maximum nations. The robust history, culture, and cuisine date back to the starting of time and are the prime features of this land. The sun-kissed Greece is developed in symphony with nature.

Utazzo connects the tourists with the prime vivid nature of this historic picturesque land shaping their dream place, alongside our Greece tour packages from India. Everything of it is made probable with our Greece packages. Our Greece tour packages are designed to offer you an experience you have thought of. Explore this colorful land by becoming a vital part of our Greece holiday packages. Indulged in the hues of the robust experiences of their tradition and culture, we help you make the most mystical memories with us and enjoy our gift to explore, travel and celebrate life.

Best Time to Visit Greece

The ideal time for visiting Greece is early summer (mid-April to mid-June), spring, or autumn (from September to mid-October). In case you want to avoid the peak traveling season, you can abstain from touring amid the month of August. However, in case you prefer the chilled weather, particularly snow-wrapped landscapes, don’t hesitate to book one of our Greece tour packages in the winter.

Winters are chilled with divergences of warm, wet and dry weathers while summers are completely hot. You can celebrate a wider Easter week in the spring season, alongside enjoying the pleasant weather. The autumn season welcomes you with warm and clear calm waters for you for diving and swimming in. Amid these months, you can enjoy a more tranquil holiday as the traveler numbers decreases. For knowing more, visit our site and check out the amazing range of Greece packages to select one which meets your need.

Tourist Places to Visit in Greece

Alongside the pristine Greek islands, some of the tourist places to visit in Greece are the greatest historical sites of the nation. Greece is the source of western civilization and also the birthplace of democracy. With its combination of awesome history and beauty, Greece is one of the best destinations to spend your vacation.

Here is a list of destinations which are added to your Greece trip from India:

1. Gythio

It’s a seaside town located on the Peloponnese’s south side. It is Mani’s capital which is a location popular for having mountainous, stark terrain. Tourists come to visit the town for sightseeing purposes in the place and also a simple availability of different serene beaches, the most popular of which is Mavrovouni. Nevertheless, both Ageranos and Selinitsa are very busy and nice also. In case you go by car, you can simply reach different sites from Gythio like the village of Gerolimenas, the town of Areopolis, and the caves of Diros.

2. Santorini

Possibly one of the most popular attractions in Greece, Santorini is the Aegean’s diamond. Every year, thousands are drawn to this island’s beauty and leave knowing that it’s the best place in Greece. This amazingly picturesque place is the most iconic in all the Greek islands. World famous and beautiful, Santorini should be seen for being believed. Dive into the turquoise waters, dine in the fine eateries, walk around the nice villages, Santorini will take your heart away. From its whitewashed homes and volcanic beaches to its amazing scenery and sunsets, Santorini is surely one of the topmost places to explore in Greece.

3. Athens

Athens has an intensely leading role in the globe. The city has an interesting and significant history, as it is the historic capital of Europe and modern Greece’s capital also. Throughout the centuries, many conquerors have occupied the city and many of them built the gorgeous monuments also. Presently, the city is a modern, busy metropolis, but captivating historical features are there simply underneath the surface. This historic city center has been turned into a big pedestrian zone which offers the availability of numerous archeological parks, incorporating Hadrian’s Arch, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the old Theater of Dionysus, and so forth. You can easily imagine yourself while walking through the old Greece’s streets.

4. Corfu

This island is situated off of the nation’s northwest coast. Alongside its cultural and rich heritage, the island also features some of the best beaches and rugged mountains in Greece. You can certainly consider Corfu as one of the most famous places to visit in Greece. Nevertheless, in case you want to avoid the gatherings of travelers, secluded beaches expanse along Corfu’s winding coast. With numerous serene beaches on offer, you can easily find your own ideal part of heaven. Alongside the pristine sandy beaches, there are also beautiful villages and towns like Corfu old town and Perithia. Here, you can discover the remaining part of the anti-pirate castles and also the Venetian builders from an age before. In a nutshell, Corfu is an exceptionally beautiful place to explore and there are uncountable things to do on this island.

5. Arachova

This town is nestled in the mountains of Viotia in Southern Greece. It is located in a beautiful area at the base of Mt. Parnassus and is a famous winter getaway which is preferred among skiers. Moreover, Mt. Parnassus has the biggest downhill ski resort in the nation. You can consider Arachova a dreamy mountain ski town with completely modern amenities for travelers. In fact, the town has a vibrant nightlife that appeals to young travelers and Athenians to its clubs and bars. Amid the summer season, an array of mountain trips and hiking trails offer picturesque views of the amazing scenery near Arachova.

6. Zakynthos

House of the best nightlife of some of the Greek islands, Zakynthos is one of the most picturesque places in entire Greece. White pristine beaches, turquoise water, and massive chalk-white cliffs, everything offers Zakynthos its premium beauty. The island also houses one of the most clicked places in Greece, the exceptionally beautiful Shipwreck Cove. Also known as Navagio beach, this makes Zakynthos a favorite destination. The island’s center is less visited than the coastline, with olive groves and fir trees adding to the charm of the island. Zakynthos is one of the biggest party places in the Greek islands. Hence, in case you are seeking to enjoy an amazing nightlife alongside pleasant beauty, Zakynthos is the spot which has everything. You won’t be bored as there are many things to explore in Zakynthos.

Are You Ready For A Worthy Experience In Greece?

Greece is filled with naturally beautiful landscapes, ancient historical wonders, and amazing panoramas belted together within the modern world. You can purchase your garments by weight, visit many museums at nearly free prices, walk around the currently opened Aristotle’s Lyceum, find a free event, or go for a free trip to the city of Athens. Hence, book your Greece tour packages for enjoying a great vacation trip with your family, or select from any of our Greece holiday packages for exploring the best of Greece.